Welcome to Build It Finance, we want to help you develop property.

We lend on new builds, renovations, conversions & auction completions. Our finance is aimed at construction businesses and small developers.

We build and develop property ourselves so we know how the system works, we want to help change that because it’s not helping getting houses built.

We like to keep it straight forward so instead of chargin you lots of fee’s we charge one simple interest rate, All in. We charge 2.39% per month inclusive of all fee’s excluding legal’s.

Borrowers focus on the interest rate, however we realised from experience that the interest rate isn’t your key concern. The level of fee’s involved will very often hugely eclipse the actual interest you pay on the loan – look at our comparison page.

We enable more small builders
to build houses

Helping you invest and grow

Why should you choose us to fund your development?

  • Better value than alternative providers (please read our comparison page)
  • Flexible draw down and repayments to minimise your interest costs
  • Flexible view on assets, provide first or second charge finance on the asset being developed but also to take security on other assets like personal houses, development land and cars
  • Gain the benefit of our experience
  • Interest can be rolled up. Pay nothing back until you sell your properties or re finance them.