About us
Many years of experience in the property development industry

We are privately financed and run by Swallow Hill Homes, our directors run multiple property companies and have a wealth of experience.

We do the valuations, analyse the costs and review the cash flow. We have been renovating and developing hundreds of homes over the last 20 years. We have developed sites  of 3 to 44 units so we understand property development inside out.

The objectives of Build It Finance are to

  • To lend to small builders and developers
  • Not to charge fees, it is all in the interest rates apart from legal fee’s’*1,
  • To enable more small builders to build houses
  • To deliver a strong rate of return to our investors and shareholders
*1 a meeting fee will be charged but then credited back against interest charges if the client goes ahead

We have been in the position where you are now, we have had a great project but no finance to make it happen.

Let us help you start building