How do our fee’s compare?
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How do our fee’s compare to a bridging loan you are probably also considering at 1.19% per month?

ABC Building bought a run down house sitting in a big plot. They renovated the existing house then sold if off to recoup most of their outlay. ABC Building have now got planning on the retained land for 4 additional houses. These houses will sell for £300,000 each, costing £150,000 per house including warranties, utilities, roadways, fee’s etc. Giving the site a Gross development value of £1,200,000.

ABC Building are seeking to borrow £600,000 to finance the development as they don’t have their own funds. They have seen the offer of bridging finance at only 1.19% per month but how much does it really cost?

Description Detail Build it Finance Traditional bridging
Legal fee’s £1,500 £1,500
Lenders commitment fee 2%


Quantity surveyor £3,500
Valuation £4,000
Monitoring surveyor 12 months * £750 £9,000
Interest Based on an average of £300,000 outstanding £43,020 £21,420
Exit fee 2% of £1,200,000 GDV £24,000
Total cost £44,520 £75,420
Cost saving £30,900