The Process of financing your next development project
How does it work?

The client downloads & completes the development & personal summary forms
(available on our website)


The client submit the forms to our review team to see if we can offer a heads of terms


If the client is happy with the heads of terms we will offer a meeting within 7 days between ourselves and yourselves on site. A charge of £500 will be made for this but this is refunded if you take the finance out, this is purely to filter out timewasters


Meeting on site to inspect the site and discuss potential issue’s and problems, this is an opportunity for you to use our wealth of experience in area’s you may not be familiar with like build phasing, utilities, building and selling properties


Formal offer issued to the client


Both the client and our Solicitors are instructed to complete the relevant documentation (you will be responsible for our costs and this will have to be paid to our solicitors on instruction)


First drawdown by the client (we advise drawing down as little as possible, the less facility you use the less interest you pay)


Dependant on the clients security we may monitor progress via site regular visits and release funds as the build progresses


Loan Repayment by the client & charge removed


The client moves onto their next project, hopefully using us as your choice of finance provider